4 Tips To Help Make Intermittent Fasting Easier for Beginners | for Today’s Aging Woman

4 Tips To Help Make Intermittent Fasting Easier for Beginners | for Today’s Aging Woman

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Tip #1 Stay Hydrated
I recommend 100-150 ounces of mineralized water into your day
•magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium
This will keep your electrolytes up as well and your stomach full. Carbonated water is even better. The bubbles in the water will trick your hunger hormone Ghrelin into thinking you just filled your belly up with food. This will help balance out your hunger hormone and help control your growling stomach.

Tip #2 Drink black coffee or tea
Black meaning no sweeteners or flavoring. The boost of energy from the caffeine will help you get through your fast until you adjust to your new lifestyle.

Tip #3 Feast well
I teach the Keto-Like Approach to feasting. Not as strict as the Ketogenic Diet. Focusing on higher naturally occurring fats, moderate-to-low amounts of protein, and conscious carbohydrates. Time and consistency with this lifestyle will help you develop a feasting lifestyle that will allow you to live your life most authentically for you without having to resort to diets. Make sure your feast is set up in a way to support your next fast.

Tip #4 Retrain Your Appetite Expectancy Hormone
This is the hormone that signals your body that it is time to eat. But we have changed that time when we practice Intermittent Fasting. It takes time for this hormone to balance out and adjust to this new lifestyle. Stick to it. Don’t watch the clock. Stay busy. Pick the time you are going to break your fast and implement tips 1, 2 & 3 from above.


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  1. Excellent video. I have lost 25+ pounds following your guidance (Oct 2018) grad. I recommend you and IF to anyone who comments on my weightloss. Love the new video format.

  2. Tip 1: Stay Hydrated During Your Fast
    Tip 2: Drink Coffee Or Tea
    Tip 3: Feast Well (Break your fast with a keto-like approach = high fight, moderate protein and low carbs)
    Tip 4: Retrain Your Appetite Expectancy Hormone (Be consistent = break your fast at the same time each day)

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