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30 Minute Yoga for Weight Loss (Summer Body Tone) is a vinyasa flow total body workout. the scale can only measure your gravitational relationship with the earth. The scale can’t tell you how amazing, awesome and beautiful you are in this moment, so if you must check your weight, do it quickly and move on. You are NOT a number! If you enjoyed this video, try this one next: Don’t forget to like and subscribe!!!!!

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Welcome to the Fightmaster Yoga channel!

Yoga videos to make you feel better.

Life is hard.

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, overweight and either depressed or stressed out. I’ve been there.

My name is Lesley Fightmaster. I am a yoga teacher trainer. I have taught thousands of classes. I’ve seen amazing transformations in people just like you.

New to yoga? Try my 30 day yoga for beginners and beginners yoga playlists.

For a yoga workout try my hatha yoga happiness program or yogafix90. Also find yoga for weight loss, total body yoga, vinyasa yoga, and Ashtanga classes. Each class is a full body yoga stretch.

You might also enjoy my detox yoga, energizing yoga, morning yoga or yin yoga for deep stretching.

If you practice even 10 minutes a day I guarantee you will feel better.

Subscribe to this channel because yogi’s around the world have changed their lives for the better and you can too. #yoga #Hatha #vinyasa

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. The affirmation you shared at the beginning of this class was just exactly what I needed today, and I will be bringing it with me off the mat as well. Thank you! Namaste.

  2. I have spent months investigating yoga to lose weight and found an awesome resource at Yaras Yoga Tactics (google it if you are interested)

  3. Thank you for the messages you send in your videos. I have body image problems and yoga with you is helping me to try to accept my body as it is. I have pain in my knees when doing bridge pose. Could you suggest an alternative posture please? Many thanks, Claire

  4. I think the class was mostly focused on leg work, so our title could have been a little more clear. And at the end you said "clear and loving intentions" twice, and I've done quite a few of your classes now, you always say "clear and loving communications" around the mouth. Woopsie! 😉

  5. This was a wonderful practice, truly a fantastic meditation! I really liked the mantra of this video and it is one that I will be using a lot! Thank you!

  6. Thank you for this practice, Leslie. I have been… unhappy with my body. I was reminded today that I have not been doing the self care that I deserve. I have not been exercising. After this class… it was amzing how quickly I realized I am lovely just as I am today…. I just need to allow myself the time to move my body, stretch, and appreciate how much it does for me each and every day. What a change in perspective 30 minutes can do. Thank you again.
    P.S. — I tell so many of my patients about your channel. I would love to be able to push play on my computer after work with a group of people who would get on their mats with me! That 's my goal. (ONE of my goals!)

  7. Great practice, i felt the difference when i put the block between my legs and i try to focus on it when i don't have it, thanks for sharing, namaste.

  8. I love doing yoga at home because I can practice at my own pace. It took me a while to stick to one teacher but then I found you! Your videos are so much fun and there's no pressure of perfecting a routine or pose. I love the energy, positivity, and encouragement throughout the videos. Namaste from the Philippines!

  9. Thank you for the great practice! I sit at a desk all day and this practice really helped to stretch and twist everything back to where they belong. 🙂

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