30-Minute Feel Good Dance Cardio Workout To Burn Calories

Tone your body and dance away calories with Amanda Kloots, creator of The Dance.
You can find more videos from Amanda on her website:

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  1. Yeah sometimes she went to fast and I got lost and I felt like it wasnt even that entretaining or anything like

  2. Besides all the negative comments I red under this video I personally think is a great workout, maybe the arm part is a bit too hard but it push me to try harder and come back to train until I will be able to go though all the video doing perfect movements . Well done !

  3. My goal when doing dance workout like this one is just to jump around like I have gone mad and get enough cardio. My brain just can’t proceed with all the moves and even if it does, my body is stupid, too. 😂

  4. After watching Shakira and JLo performed in the Super Bowl Half Time Show I got inspired to do dance cardio! Those girls are great dancers and they look great for their age! We women have to keep our bodies moving, age doesn't matter girls!

  5. This has good energy and I liked the arm sequence and cool down more than a lot of videos. It would be more fun if the music was a bit better though. I thought the choice of tunes let it down a bit.

  6. Thumbs down. Stopped at minute 13. This is just a bunch of non-rthythm, no cadence, non-consistent jumping around that is not fun to attempt at following. Even the girl on the right was lost a few times and she's IN the video. Nothing about this was dancy or workout-y. Please make it stop. Bye

  7. everyone keeps complaining about how this dance is too fast and too hard. she’s barely doing anything. yes it’s a great workout but it’s not hard at all. just pay attention and follow the steps

  8. 23:12 arm series !! Abs in tight / Bend knees / Tilt pelvis forward/

    8 counts circles forward
    8 counts circles backwards
    8 counts Under, Over
    8 counts Under, Over Doubles
    16 counts Pushing out

  9. Oh my gosh this is really good feel cardio!!! The best I hate dance because I'm not syncing with the coach but this is 🙈😜❤️ Freely love!!!!

  10. I love this workout, it’s my absolute favourite! 🙂 I burn about 250 kalories, I’m 168cm tall and my weight is 65kg.

  11. this was awful as a dance myself this was just a mess there was no time to see the moment let alone follow it i can't imagine how tough this would be one someone just looking for a casual easy way to work out

  12. I'm halfway through and my biggest complaint is that the easiest way to learn this is to mirror her but then she's telling us what foot to start with but it's the opposite of mirroring her so I'm constantly going the wrong direction. Everyone below is saying the same thing though so..

  13. Cute. Definitely not a beginner workout though and would not recommend it for heavier people like myself. Very complicated when you cannot keep up with the movies.

  14. Fun. Sweating. Lots of Tracey Anderson signature moves without the rationale. Big believer in crediting others for their work popsugar …

  15. Lol you all complaining and this is one of my favorite workouts ! I am not even a dancer 🙂 I just rewind when I cannot get the steps right and repeat 🙂