3 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body In Just 1 Month

3 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body In Just 1 Month.
1 Push-ups
Push-ups are one of the most versatile and effective exercises. Let’s learn how to do it.
Lie down on your stomach with hands placed on the ground at shoulder width and legs straight behind. Exhale and push away from the floor. Inhale as you lower your body, stopping as your elbows reach a 90 degree bend. The hips must be in line with the back and must not rise. Do 10 reps of 3 sets.
The impact areas are chest and triceps.
2 Squats

Squat is a lower body exercise used in strength training. Let’s find out how to do it.
Place your feet at shoulder width. Extend hands straight in front of you. Keeping your back straight, lower thighs and sit on an imaginary chair. Without lifting your heels off the ground, raise slowly and repeat 15 to 25 times. You should complete three sets.
The impact areas are quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.
3 Plank
Plank is a great way to build muscles and overall balance of your body.

Let’s learn how to do planks. Lie down on your stomach. Rest your body on your forearms with arms flat on the floor and legs straight behind you. Your shoulders must be aligned directly above your elbows. In position, raise your body off the ground, supporting your weight on your forearms and toes. Try and hold for 30 seconds. Make sure your stomach doesn’t drop and hips don’t rise while holding still. Rest for 30 seconds and do another set.
The impact areas are abdomen, back and shoulders.

So these are the 3 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body In Just 1 Month.

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