3 EASIEST Female Weight Loss Tips to Follow

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook



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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. What does his gender matter?  This guy is good!  But Chef Buff I wish you wouldn't give every measurement in grams. My scale and my measuring cups are in ounces and pounds.

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  5. These are really great tips because they are really easy to implement. Usually when a program calls for dramatic changes they are not followed.

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  19. so i got a question, i do my workouts every day and all, take my pre workout shakes and what not, but it seems as lately that kick that makes you wanna keep going is just missing, do you know anything i could do about that? 🙂 thank you

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  21. @drunkymunky87 i know your not asking for opinion but it sounds like your having a liver problem. Groggy with low energy in the moring is a classic sign of this – fresh fruit and veggies is where it's at. Drink more water as well. You need to flush out the crud that's in your veggy er thing hahha

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