19 Beginner Core Exercises

19 Beginner Core Exercises

1. Standing Rotational Knee Tuck (0:30)
2. Straight Leg March (0:40)
3. Standing Oblique Crunch (0:54)
4. Slow Knees (1:09)
5. Cross Body knee to Kick (1:23)
6. Plank Off Bench (1:40)
7. Side Plank Off Bench (1:54)
8. Bench Single Leg Knee Tucks (2:04)
9. Bench Dip Hold Leg Lifts (2:17)
10. Mountain Climbers Off Bench (2:29)
11. Bench Plank Knee Tucks (2:44)
12. Vomiting Cat (2:58)
13. Bulldog Hold (3:10)
14. Bird Dogs (3:21)
15. Seated Hinge (3:34)
16. Forearm Single Leg Bicycles (3:49)
17. Pelvic Tilt March (4:05)
18. Bicycle Hugs  (4:15)
19. Leg Climb (4:25)

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Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

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  1. I sprained my foot so the exercises after 3:20 look great, perhaps after doing cat/cow as a warm up.
    Any advice about where to focus on the body while doing the actions, such as breathing or tensing with the movements? Many thanks.

  2. Thank you for some great beginner core exercises. I teach multi level fitness and senior classes and these are great to offer as alternative moves!

  3. I am very grateful for these! Not one trainer helped me with the this. I am not able to do the full ones. But these I can and will . I know i will get stronger over time.Thank you so much! 🙂

  4. Very awesome! I loved this and I think it will really get me on the right track to being in better shape. I liked the ending especially =)

  5. I get so tripped up on how long I should be doing these exercises. The "sets and reps" mumbo jumbo. Am I incorrect in assuming that I can tailor these to myself, or is there really a golden number to aim for.

  6. Easily one of my top options for adding to myexercise inventory or program variations.

    I've been following ur channel for a while & u always put out quality and helpful content! Thanks a lot!

  7. Awesome, great " finishers " …
    Could you do some stuff on bridging related training tips? Either on floors, bars… etc? Cheers – Happy Easter 🇬🇧

  8. Thank you! I love what you bring but feel challenged to do; saving ur stuff. Thank you. Looking fwd to bringing it to the table

  9. Wow you're amazing these are good haven't seen some of these moves you do l like A LOT. Be doing these all time. You always go the extra mile. Thank you. May The Good Lord Bless you, Kiwi and your family always. Much love 😘💕…xxx

  10. Hey Cori.. your innovative exercises encourage me.. You helped to lose body fat but I am unable to lose weight.. because of hormone and enzyme issues..
    Keep up the good work!!
    With regards and best wishes
    Love from India

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