15 Min Easy Fat-Burning Home Workout + 14 Weight Loss Tips

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

Here is a 15 Minute Easy Home Workout to get you started and improve your Cardio Base!

This video has 15 exercises, 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest and each break has 1 Weight Loss Tip, so that you get 14 Weight Loss Tips that actually work.

Make sure you do this workout for 5 days very week and combine it with an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

Diet Plan:

5 Minute Home Workout:

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Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with partial ACL tear.
    After a few days of rest the pain had gone away, but whenever I jump or do such sort of activity I get mild pain on my injured knee.
    So is it okay for me to start my exercises?

  2. There are always videos on how to lose weight, What to eat while weight loss, What diet to follow etc etc. But why is there no good quality promising content as such for weight gaining?
    I would really like to know exercises on weight gaining, vegetarian diet to follow etc. You, TheUrbanFight I really look upon you for a video focusing on this! Please take this into consideration because I feel, I can rely on you. I trust you!

    Love from Mumbai, please please consider this request! ❤️🌈

  3. Thanks a ton for this excellent exercises and understanding the problem of the to follow ur tips… You're amazing….
    Please make a video for the stretchings. Please please please…
    I'm a new subscriber to your channel. hence going a little slow.

  4. Omg! The workout was so easy! I was finding it so hard to follow the other workouts on YouTube and never was able to complete them and feel dejected. Your workout has no extreme poses or planks that are difficult to do for beginners. Thank you so much. Also, the music was so catchy and addictive! Making it an instant part of my life

  5. I am a new subscribers Mam. Workout is new for me as a am so lazy. Thank you for for making practical videos.