10min. Bike Workout (Lose 10 lbs. in 10 days)

“I swear is rigged because I Lost 7 Pounds in 4 Days” -Priscilla Kinnear

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You can download a printable version of this workout along with the mp3 of me motivating you here:

This 10 minute bike weight loss workout can be done at home (that is if you have your own stationary bike) or in a gym. If you are using a gym bike make sure you set the timer up so it does not pause when you are taking the 10 second breaks.

TO lose 10 pounds as fast as possible = that it is very important that you follow this bike workout as is and try not to deviate too much from the bike weight loss workout you see me doing in the above video.

This bike workout is based off my 10/10 style of interval workouts which you can learn more about here: but basically what 10/10 interval training is (and using this bike workout as an example) is that you go all out for 10 seconds like pedaling on the bike as fast as you can s you saw or followed along with the video followed by you resting all out or lightly pedaling for another 10 seconds and you would repeat that process over and over for at least 10 minutes but no longer than 40 minutes so of course…

You can do this work out not only on a bike but also on an elliptical ( treadmill ( or any other prices of cardio equipment. You could also do this work out while performing jumping jacks: or ski steps:

It does not matter what kind of bike you have and as for the resistance level setting just keep it on a normal setting or use the lowest resistance setting as possible that will allow you to pedal super-fast to burn a lot more calories in a shorter period of time.

Don’t forget that along with doing this bike workout you will need to go on a diet so go here: to use a 1200-to-2000 calorie diet where you can eat whatever you want whenever you want and still lose weight or you can use this diet here: to lose weight without counting calories but your food options are limited.

Beat your last workout meaning that if you burned 100 calories today with this bike workout then tomorrow shoot for 105 calories or track your distance. If you went a total of 3 miles then go for 3.1 or 3.3 miles the next workout because doing this will help you lose weight faster and faster each time you do this work out and…

Losing 10 pounds in 10 days greatly depends on how overweight you are so if you are trying to ONLY lose your last 10 pounds then don’t really expect to lose your last 10 pounds in 10 days now generally if you are just starting a weight loss plan where you are more than 30 pounds overweight then yes…

You will more than likely lose 10 pounds in 10 days when doing this bike workout for 10 minutes 1-to-6 times per day along with a basic weight loss diet plan.

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You can download a printable version of this workout along with the mp3 of me motivating you here:

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  1. OMG, I tried doing this, killed my self. Broke out a sweat. With this work out, I started of the lowest resistance, level 1 but then moved two, level 2. Lost 65 calories, but most of all, I started to sweat and killed myself doing this routine. Normally when I bike, I do about 30 minutes (no rest), 10k in distance but only 200 calories, I lost 65 calories with this routine which is only like 5 minutes fast peddling. I am getting married in October and need to lose 60 lbs. already losing weight, through strict diet and with this routine, should lose even more. My aim is to lose 4-5 pounds per week. This is my routine for the next 7 days. From Monday to Friday, 2 x per day, before work and after work. Weekends, will do this 4 times a day, spaced out evenly throughout the day. I am going to do my normal diet and with this new exercise routine. I will let everyone know how it goes, but this is a great routine. I am exhausted and started to sweat which has never happened when I have biked before. Everyone, make sure you have your goal in mind and know why you are doing this. I am doing this because I getting married and I will not break my mother dream, a single women who raised 3 children, 2 already married happily and I am her only daughter. I do this for my mum who has given us everything.

  2. Hi Adrian, first of all thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and motivation around the world with your Channel.
    My question is: I'm doing this workout, love it, But I pedal and rest 20 secs, not ten seconds. Is that ok? I feel the Burning and rate of the heart, But can I keep doing this way?

  3. No matter what i do…. i’ve been doing hiit workouts 5-6 times a week for 3 weeks now and at least 30-45 minutes of walking i haven’t lost a pound… i’m gaining… why???????