10-Min Beginner Workout – Top 9 Stability Ball Exercises – Stability Ball Workout for Beginners

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Try this stability ball workout to tone your abs, arms, back, butt, core,…
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  1. I paused the video so she could take a break

    Edit: omg 15 likes !!!! That’s the most I’ve had in my whole life 😃

  2. Being a trained professional in the fitness world, I'm horribly disappointed in this video! She's using her back and neck rather than her abs in the "jack-knife" and is resting in between. The proper way to do this is to keep the core engaged (pressing the navel toward the spine) and keeping the gap between the floor and back closed at all times and the heels, head, and shoulders lifted during the entire exercise. This is not a plop down and rest between movement exercise but a full body engagement throughout the entire exercise. This is not an easy exercise and I would not recommend it for beginners. I also would caution people doing exercises as beginners without proper instruction as this could lead to many issues later on or even right away. If you don't keep your shoulders down and engaged then your neck will work and you could strain it. If you don't keep your core engaged and pulling the navel toward the spine then your back will pick up where your abs aren't working and cause all kinds of back issues. Lower back pain in exercising is almost all the time due to weak abs (from past injury, surgery, pregnancy, or lack of muscle tone from not working them, etc) because your back is overcompensating where the abs cannot support as of yet. Also, not lowering the legs as low. Heels are to hover the ground with straight legs but, if your abs are weak, only lower to where your abs can hold and no lower or else you are using your back. This may be 2 feet off the ground or more rather than 6 inches. So, please, PLEASE be careful and do your research. Unless properly trained, these are easy mistakes to make. The person showing these exercises should know better.

  3. I cannot believe that this video has existed on YT for all these years, and I just stumbled upon it. My back sincerely thanks You for this routine <3

  4. I like the no voice, it just gets right into the routine. Other trainers think they need to talk the entire time. Well done, good workout. My favorite is the Prone on Ball

  5. you forgot pushups with the ball sitting beside you, and balancing the ball on your nose.
    Stupid fucking video, had shit to do with working out with the ball

  6. When it starts to burn doing the jackknife your not supposed to stop between them. You push three th burn for best results. Also your not supposed to let your legs touch the floor, just keep them extended out when bringing them down. Otherwise their almost pointless.

  7. nicly done… her flawless beauty is a pleasure for my eyes and suspends time while Im doing monotonous monotonous exercices… etc. etc..

  8. I bought that ball three months ago as a chair to do my revision on. Then today when working out I was complaining about having no equipment until I realised I had that ball! Youtube is saving me, thanks for your workout ideas

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