Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook


My Zumba Outfit and Similar Looks:
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👙Zumba Fitness Women’s Perfect Long Leggings:
👙Br &Nameinternal Womens Da Br &Nameinternal Funk Crop Tank:
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♥Zumba Womens Hyper Melt Metallic Long Leggings:
♥Zumba Get Faded Denim Dance Pants:
♥ Zumba Women’s Dynamic Denim Dance Pants:
♥Zumba Get Down Denim Cargo Pants Blue Denim:
♥ D-Story Skull with Red Flower Women’s Reversible Sports Bra:
♥ Vimmia Women’s Rush Bra:
👙 Zumba Women’s Love Mesh Tank Top:
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🍀 Be Fit Be Sexy: 50, 45, 15, 12 Mis:
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🍀 Zumba Fitness Singe Song:

My Online Courses (Các khóa học trực tuyến Fitnes – Giảm cân – Đốt mỡ tại nhà)
🍀 Khóa học Zumba giảm cân tại nhà (16 bài học động tác theo giáo trình hỗ trợ giảm cân – 3 bài tập full và các tài liệu hướng dẫn ăn theo chế độ giảm cân lý tưởng :
🍀 Khóa 5 ngày giảm mỡ bụng: (Các bài tập tập trung đốt mỡ các vùng cần thon gọn trên cơ thể, mỗi ngày chỉ 15 phút)

* Something about me!

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” – Carol Welch
I believes that people can empower themselves through exercise to be able to live a healthy and highly functional life, they just need someone showing and support them to reach their goalthats why I am here to do my mission !!!

Source: Credit goes to respacted author.

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook

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  1. hi michelle i been looking for zumba dance workout for long time and only your video i like and i play it over and over evrytime i do zumba…i use to weigh 203lbs within 1month i loss 23lbs

  2. Hi Michelle! I loved your remix#1 video for 1 hour. But it is not there any more☹️ Plssss plssss make it available again. I loved your choice of songs and your workouts 💃💃💃

  3. I just followed your first video and I fell in love with it. You are so amazing. And you are so lively when you dance. Its so much fun to follow your video.

  4. i started today and at very first 10 min i was out of breathe….. this def gonna be worth it….. FIRST DAY… any buddies_

  5. today 4/3/2019 i strt zumba with your video with 73kg.. i will do 2 times a day.. and see how is the result..i made this comment for record.. hihiih

  6. Hi michelle. I've noticed that you are not posting new vids. How are you now? And this vid is not available offline anymore. Just sad. I lost weight because of this vid, like 9-10 kilos within 8-12weeks and I am planning to do it again.

  7. I know, I wrote it, but I have to do it again. This is the best dance workout channel ever :DDD I love it! I slept only 4 hours, have bad mood in the morning but after this 30 minutes I feel so pumped up!!! Thanks 🙂 Greets from Poland :*

  8. I had a spinal hernia, and I didn't move as much as ordinary people for years…now I'm going back to usual life thnx to your video too 🌸

  9. such a great zumba workout.. I love it so much..
    I've done this 30 minutes zumba and the other series (1-12) in 2 weeks by did it twice a day.. and I've lost 5 kilos..
    and now I'm doing the 60 minutes series, twice a day too..
    thank you for your video, michelle.. 😘😘😘

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